Cedar Retractable Venetian Blinds

A Beautiful Natural Solution where energy efficiency and the reduction of solar heat gain is of your prime consideration.

Cedar Retractable Blinds help control light, privacy, views, ventilation, reduces solar heat gain and provides some noise reduction.

The Cedar Slats on offer is 84mm wide in a natural oil finish.

Being a natural product colour variation in the timber will occur. Natural beauty at its best.

Cedar Retractable Venetian Blinds can either be installed with extruded side guides or wire guides.

The standard finish of the headbox, bottom bar and side guides is either clear anodised or bronze anodised these being the most popular.

The operation is either manually by a crank handle or can be motorised operated by a wall switch or hand held remote control.

They can also be integrated with a C-Bus System.

Click here to view photos of our work with Cedar Retractable Venetian Blinds