Roller Blinds

A Simple Sleek Modern Solution.

Roller blinds come in a range of fabrics that will help solve your needs.

A Sunscreen fabric retains your view by day whilst cutting out the suns glare and UV rays.

Light filtering and Translucent fabrics retains the natural light whilst giving you a degree of privacy.

A Block-out fabric gives you complete privacy and the darkness you need with protection from the heat.

Roller Blinds are also available on a dual bracket where you could have for example a Sunscreen fabric and a Block-out fabric for more flexibility.

Roller Blinds come with a base rail. There are 3 different shapes and 5 different colours to choose from OR you could choose to have the fabric wrapped around a flat base bar at the bottom of you blind for that elegant touch.

Roller Blinds are simply operated by a chain in PVC, Metal or Stainless Steel.

Motorisation is available to Roller Blinds operated either by a wall switch, remote control or can be integrated into a C-Bus system.

Somfy Motors and accessories is our most popular brand.

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