Roman Blinds

A Classical Beautiful Solution.

Roman Blinds helps control privacy and light by how much you pull up the blind.

Roman Blinds is a classical blind and is quite versatile in operation and fabrics of choice.

APOCA DESIGN has a selection of Sunscreen, Light filtering, Translucent and Block-out fabrics to choose from.

You may wish to specify another fabric not from our range that is suitable to make from any designer fabric suppliers.

APOCA DESIGN offers a number of options to you.

Original Romans – stitching to the folds of pleats and rod pockets at the rear of the blind.

Ezy Romans – instead of the stitching it is made with an aluminium powder-coated rod at the back of the blind. Ideal when using a block-out fabric.

Jamaican Romans – includes a 9mm half round timber batten to the front and back of the folds to pleats in a choice of colours. A unique look.

Roman Blinds are traditionally operated by a straight up and down cord lock or can be operated by a Stainless Steel Chain in a different system.

Click here to view photos of our work with Roman Blinds