Thermalite Shutters

A Beautiful Low Maintainance External Solution.

Thermalite Shutters helps control light, privacy, views, ventilation, provides some noise reduction and insulates 3 times better than any timber shutter.

Thermalite shutters are non-toxic and is made from a solid polymer dense resin which makes this shutter long lasting and durable.

Thermalite has a smooth perfect finish unlike timber shutters and is available in 3 colours and 3 elliptical blade sizes. You will also never have to repaint.

Thermalite will not warp crack peel or discolour and is also flame-retardant, water resistant, weather resistant and termite proof making this shutter ideal for external applications.

Perfect for balcony areas and the like where privacy screens are needed, for reduction of heat gain to your outdoor entertaining areas and for ventilation control especially on those windy days.

Very easy to maintain & are cleaned simply by using soapy warm water. Also easy to dust.

Thermalite Shutters can be installed as a fixed, hinged, bi-folding or sliding shutter application to customize your needs.

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